Opportunity for an influencer: Become a SEIK brand ambassador

Our goal at SEIK is to inspire people to take on adventures, plan their dreams and capture special moments. If these are also important values for you, the SEIK brand ambassador program was created for you! The renewed SEIK brand ambassador program is like a community of influencers promoting the same values – on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Blog and elsewhere. In our kitchen community, we support each other, share creative ideas and best solutions, take on exciting challenges and offer added value to our target group. Join SEIK’s international community of brand ambassadors across the Baltics, Nordics and Central Europe.

Our Values

Elo Johanna Kuklane

Become our influencer and get paid for every sale

20% commission

from every sale made through you

From purchases made within a week after clicking on your link or using the discount code


Take part in the challenges

We carry out various challenges, for example, the Deeds Calendar #happyweekchallange One good deed is added to each day of the calendar, which you can do and post on your Instagram story and wall or YouTube and blog. Complete the deed, prove it with a picture and share using #happyweekchallenge @seikpusblisher We will share more detailed information in the community.

Use the products yourself and share your experience

Get SEIK products, use them yourself and share your experience and stories with your followers. Personal stories that are timed correctly and related to the product are the most successful. Take inspiring pictures and don’t forget to tag us #mseik @seikpublisher

Make a giveaway

Give away SEIK products among your fans. Have them tag people, and comment on what was the last thing that made them happy or what was the last good deed they did. Be creative. At the end, give us the details of the prize recipients and we will send the gifts directly to the winners.

We release products with your design together

Take part in the release of our products: design the cover of your diary, make 12 pictures for the calendar, write your thoughts in a notebook or we will make your product together Your chance to unleash your creativity. If you are interested, write to us [email protected]


Together we make people around us happy. Apply to be our brand ambassador. Tell us in which channels and what kind of content you have created, what are your 3 thoughts, how to cooperate with SEIK and what has been your most successful campaign.

Apply to be a brand ambassador