Growth in anxiety and depression worldwide (1)


Increase in loneliness in Europe (2)

1 in 2

People felt depressed or anxious in the last 12 months (3)

It is more important than ever to spread happiness

We started in 8th grade with a mission to make people happier. We noticed that the people around us are not happy. Is it because of the cold weather, less sun, or anxiety in the community? We didn’t know. We released a Happy Calendar with one challenge for each day. For example, “Hug,” “Smile,” or “Compliment a stranger.” Small activities to bring joy to the day. Nowadays, with all the global challenges, people are experiencing more stress and mental health issues. Sharing positivity, doing good to strangers is even more important. That’s why for World Happiness Day, we invite you to join the “One Million Adventure Challenge.”

Rudolf-Gustav Hanni / Founder of SEIK Publisher

Let’s make people happier one good deed at a time

What’s in for me?

Elo Johanna Kuklane

100+ people already have joined the challenge

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Ready 2 join #millionadventures challenge?

= 1 million happier people

With only 10 stickers & sharing on social media, you have made 200+ people’s day happier. With the SEIK community, we can impact over a million people’s lives & create small happiness moments in their days.

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SEIK products with Happiness Challenges -20% off

Since 2011, we have included happiness deeds in our products to inspire you to have more adventures & happiness every day. You can get those with an additional discount & free shipping together with the #millionadventures Happiness Challenge stickers.

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Join the challenge and let’s inspire together

Do you think this is exactly what you want to do? Inspire, motivate and make the world happy. At the same time, follow your footprint.

Join the challenge to inspire people around:

  • Stick challenge stickers around
  • Do the challenges & make good to others
  • Share #millionadventures on social media
  • Tag friends to join as well
  • Happiness spreads around

Sounds like this challenge is something for you?

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